Ovbije World
Outreach Ministries
Reading the Word of God
is not optional!!

It is a daily requirement.
As you consume food
daily for bodily strength
and substance so you
must consume the Word
daily for spiritual strength
and substance.

But the good news is that
this requirement becomes
a pleasure when you
discover it gives you all
the answers you've been
looking for and all the
answers you will ever
Ovbije World Outreach Ministries (OWOM) was
founded by Reverend L.O. Ovbije.

Over twenty years ago Reverend Ovbije heard the call
of God for his life.

God's immediate direction was for him to go to
America to evangelize.

This was a curious mission given the fact that
Reverend Ovbije was a young man from  Africa.

Africa is well aquainted with Americans coming to its
shores to spread the gospel and to evangelize.  But
not the other way around.

However, God's Word says He will take the foolish
things to confound the wise.  So he took a young
man from Africa and sent him to America's shores to

He sent him to a nation that is the focal point of
evangelist activities throughout the world. But God
had a plan.

Reverend Ovbije's obedience to God has allowed God
to reveal even more regarding his specific mission.

Reverend Ovbije has come to recognize a specific
mission placed on him and his ministry in America.

That mission is to bring people to an wakening of:

A. Who we are in God through  Christ Jesus;
B. What the Word of God says about us as His very
own children;
C. The personal message the Word of God has for us
in all situations;
D. The daily personal relationship God seeks with us.

OWOM points to the anointed Word of God; OWOM
points to the personal messages God has for each of
us; OWOM points to the personal relationship we
must develop with God through Jesus Christ inorder
to receive all that is His good pleasure to give.

So what's stopping you?

Reverend Ovbije and his beautiful anointed wife
Pastor Theresa D. Ovbije are committed to a ministry
that says nothing can stop you with the Word of God.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens
us. (Phil. 4:13)
Ovbije World Outreach Ministries
for the You
for You"